If you prepaid for a vendor location or camping spot for either of the 2 events in 2015,
Memorial Day or Labor Day, with Stacey Huntington,
please call this number to reconfirm your reservation.
Thank You


2nd Largest Flea Market in Southwest Washington
(the Packwood Flea Market on Labor Day is the largest)

Over 300 vendors

Contact/ Roby Sieler —- 360-880-7629


The Memorial Day Weekend Flea Market started here in Packwood over 10 years ago. It is attended by over 20,000 persons during the 3-day holiday and is large by any standards. With thousands coming through town on the weekend, you will find nearly anything you can think of here in town. If you enjoy flea markets, or want to see what they are really all about, Packwood is the place to come and the 1896 Homestead is the place to vend your product, park your vehicle, or place your RV or tent for the night.

Here at 1896 Homestead, you are located in downtown Packwood, next to the Senior Center, close to the famous Packwood Fire Department Pancake Breakfast and only a few feet from the many vendors on the property.

You are walking distance to the restaurants and bars and there is no need to drive to any of those locations.

Some campers come and park next to the oldest house in the Cowlitz Valley. Still others park near the airport fence to watch the many small planes that land and take off from the field during this and Memorial Day weekend.

Other campers park at the far end of the property in hopes of seeing the many elk that frequent the property. Even on the busy weekends there is always a chance to see and feed the elk.

The homestead has a small food court, with hot and cold foods, there are tables and chairs to rest and eat at.

Fruit and vegetables sellers will be on the property for the Holiday. These vendors are part of the public market here on the property.

Vendors located on the Homestead will begin arriving on Monday. Some will start selling their goods, arts and crafts, food and other flea market items as early as Thursday. By Friday the vending field is in full operation.

Come enjoy the best of the Famous Packwood Flea Market.

Vendor Space for the Packwood Flea Markets and Farmer’s Markets is available.